Three Soldiers Killed by Afghan

    US soldiers from Apache team, Task force Geronimo patrol in the village of Karizona, Sabari District in Khost Province on August 5, 2012. NATO has some 130,000 US-led troops in Afghanistan helping Karzai's government fight the insurgency, but they will pull out by the end of 2014, handing responsibility for security to Afghan forces. AFP PHOTO/ Jose CABEZAS        (Photo credit should read Jose CABEZAS/AFP/GettyImages)

    Jose Cabezas, AFP / Getty Images

    An Afghan employee at a military base in southern Afghanistan attacked three U.S. Marines on Friday night. Earlier the same day, Afghan police killed three other U.S. special forces soldiers. Since January, NATO has recorded 26 rogue attacks—called "blue on green" shootings—by Afghan forces on foreign troops, but a spokesman said the most recent killings don't count because the shooter was not a member of the Afghan security forces. "Let me clearly say that those two incidents clearly do not reflect the overall situation here in Afghanistan," said NATO's chief spokesman. "We have almost 500,000 police and soldiers working together, side by side, enhancing their trust and enhancing their cooperation in order together to fight for a better future for this country."
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