CU Segregates Gun Permit Students

    BOULDER, CO - APRIL 20:  The haze of marijuana smoke looms over a crowd of thousands  at 4:20 pm April 20, 2010 at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado.   April 20th has become a de facto holiday for marijuana advocates, with large gatherings and "smoke outs" in many parts of the United States.  Colorado, one of 14 states to allow use of medical marijuana, has experienced an explosion in marijuana dispensaries, trade shows and related businesses in the last year as marijuana use becomes more mainstream here.  (Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

    Chris Hondros

    University of Colorado students will still have the right to bear arms—but those with valid concealed-weapons carry permits will have to live separately from the rest of the student body. The school’s campuses in Boulder and Colorado Springs are changing their housing contracts to reflect this new rule for students over the age of 21 with permits, who comprise less than 1 percent of the student-body population on each campus, according to school officials. The university has been working on this new regulatory policy since March, when the Colorado Supreme Court upheld an appeals-court ruling that rejected CU’s gun ban.

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