Elvis’s Bible Sold at Auction

    Elvis Presley's personal Bible containing approximately sixteen hundred pages with the singer's notations, handwriting and underlining throughout waits to be sold at an auction of pop memorabilia in Stockport near Manchester, England, Monday Sept. 3, 2012. The Bible with Elvis Presley and Holy Bible, embossed in gold on a leather cover, was given to Elvis by his uncle Vester and Aunt Clettes Presley as a Christmas gift on December 25th, 1957. (AP Photo/Jon Super).

    Jon Super / AP Photo

    A Bible from Graceland bearing annotations from Elvis Presley went for $94,000 at auction in England on Saturday. The book once owned by the deceased rock-and-roll legend was among the memorabilia—including a soiled pair of underpants—offered at auction in Britain. “You could hear a pin drop when it sold for that price,” auctioneer Karen Fairweather said of the sale of the 1,600-page Bible. The book was given to the King by his aunt and uncle as a Christmas present in 1957.

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