Report: Medicare Drug Premiums to Rise

    AURORA, CO - MARCH 27:  Pharmacy director Hank Wedemeyer looks up records while filling a prescription at a community health center on March 27, 2012 in Aurora, Colorado. The center, called the Metro Community Provider Network, has received some 6,000 more Medicaid eligable patients since the healthcare reform law was passed in 2010. Expansion of such clinics nationwide is considered key to serving the millions more patients set to be be covered by Medicaid if the healthcare reform passes the current challenge in the Supreme Court. Preventative health services and treatments at community health centers are also designed to reduce emergency room expenditures, which are up to 10 times more costly.  (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

    John Moore / Getty Images

    Senior citizens should start searching now for a better Medicare prescription plan because the top 10 are about to see a major premium hike—of the double-digit variety. Avalere Health, a private health-care-analysis firm, released a report Monday predicting next year's premium surge. Officials for the Obama administration announced back in August that the basic drug-prescription premium for Medicare qualifiers will remain at $30 in 2013, but Avalere argues that while that number may be true for the entire market, it doesn’t take into account how price swings will affect individual customers. “The average senior is going to benefit by carefully scrutinizing their situation, because every year the market changes,” said Avalere’s president. 

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