Crackdown on Medical Marijuana

    Los Angeles Police officers and Drug Enforcement Agency, DEA agents remove evidence while serving a federal warrant to shut down a Marijuana Dispensary operating in the Chinatown area of Los Angeles Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2012. Prosecutors filed three lawsuits Tuesday against properties that house pot shops. They also sent 68 warning letters to other clinics, ordering them to close or face possible criminal charges. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)

    Damian Dovarganes / AP Photo

    Federal authorities gave Los Angeles a little reminder Tuesday that not everyone is down with legalized marijuana by raiding several cannabis shops and sending warnings to even more. The U.S. Attorney’s office made clear that this was just the beginning of a widespread federal crackdown on marijuana shops across L.A. “We couldn’t do all of L.A. at once,” said a spokesman for the office. “There’s just too many stores.” Federal authorities have been working their way through Southern California since last October, beginning in Orange County and now finally are making it to Los Angeles.

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