CA Bans Gay Conversion Therapy

    California Gov. Edmund G Brown Jr. gestures during a bill signing for driverless cars at Google headquarters in Mountain View, Calif., Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2012.  The legislation will open the way for driverless cars in the state. Google, which has been developing autonomous car technology and lobbying for the legislation has a fleet of driverless cars that has logged more than 300,000 miles (482,780 kilometers) of self-driving on California roads. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg)

    Eric Risberg / AP Photo

    California has become the first state to ban gay "conversion" therapy for minors, a controversial practice that many believe leads to depression and suicide. Also known as reparative therapy, the treatment seeks to "cure" homosexuality. Gov. Jerry Brown's office announced on Sunday that he had signed a bill, which was supported by the California Psychological Association, that prohibits the practice for children under 18. The bill's sponsor pushed for the legislation as a tribute to a man who committed suicide after undergoing reparative therapy.

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