Study: Young Blood Can Reverse Aging

    19 Jul 2011, Germany --- Executive director of the Max-Planck-Institute for Evolutionary Biology, Tautz, holds an eastern house mouse in his hand at laboratory of the institute in Ploen, Germany, 19 July 2011. About 100 top scientists from all over the world, reseach on the secrets of evolution and mice and fish play a crucial role in this research. Photo:†Bodo marks | Location: Ploen, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.  --- Image by © Bodo Marks/dpa/Corbis

    Bodo Marks / DPA / Corbis

    Get ready for the newest (and potentially creepiest) anti-aging fad: injections of young blood. A new study by a Stanford University scientist found that the brains of older mice were rejuvenated—and memory increased—when their bodies were injected with blood from younger mice. After the injections, the number of stem cells in their brains also showed an increase, along with a 20 percent rise in brain-cell connections, which are linked to memory. The lead scientist on the study said that the technique might one day be used to reverse signs of aging in humans, such as slowed memory and Alzheimer’s.

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