Syria Fires Scud Missiles at Rebels

    A Free Syrian Army fighter walks over the ruins of a building bombed by a Syrian Army jet in Fafeen village, north of Aleppo province, Syria, Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2012. Syrian rebels including Islamic extremists took full control of a sprawling military base Tuesday after a bloody two-day battle that killed dozens of soldiers, activists said. It was the latest gain by opposition forces bolstered by an al-Qaida-linked group that has provided skilled fighters but raised concerns in the West. (AP Photo/Manu Brabo)

    Manu Brabo/AP

    Syrian forces have fired scud missiles at the rebels, U.S. officials say. Scud missiles have a range of more than 400 miles—well in range of neighboring countries. The shots were reportedly fired from around Damascus and aimed at targets in the north. Scuds are Soviet-era weaponry made famous by Saddam Hussein in 1991, when the ruler battered Israel and Kuwait. U.S. officials say that the tactic is mainly used as a defense mechanism—experts say government aircraft have been vulnerable to attacks. The news of “significant escalation” comes as more than 100 nations recognized the rebels as representatives of the Syrian people.  

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