Kate's Nurse Hanged Herself

    (FILES) An undated family photograph of Jacintha Saldanha, the Indian-origin nurse who died after being hoaxed by an Australian radio show trying to reach Prince William's wife in London, is shown to journalists in Shirva town, some 400 kilometres (250 miles) from the southern Indian city of Bangalore, on December 8, 2012. A nurse at the hospital treating Prince William's pregnant wife Catherine was found hanging in her room after taking a prank call from an Australian radio station, an inquest heard on December 13, 2012. Jacintha Saldanha, 46, was found in nurses' accommodation near King Edward VII's Hospital in central London, the hearing was told. AFP PHOTO/STR        (Photo credit should read STRDEL/AFP/Getty Images)


    Jacintha Saldanha, the nurse to the Duchess of Cambridge who was found dead last week after being pranked, hanged herself by the neck in the nurses’ quarters, the coroner reported on Thursday. There were also injuries to her wrist. She left three suicide notes and as well as several emails, which officials say help explain why she took her own life. Detectives are talking to Saldanha’s family, friends and witnesses to last week’s tragedy to try to establish the circumstances that may have led to her death. Saldanha was found dead in her nurses’ chambers last Friday, a few days after treating the Duchess of Cambridge and being fooled by two Australian DJs trying to learn information about the duchess’s condition.

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