1. R.I.P.

    Norman Schwarzkopf Dies

    West Point, UNITED STATES:  General Norman Schwartzkopf, class of '56 alumnus attends commencement ceremonies 27 May, 2006 the US Military Academy at West Point, New York.   AFP PHOTO / TIM SLOAN  (Photo credit should read TIM SLOAN/AFP/Getty Images)

    Tim Sloan/AFP, via Getty

    Retired U.S. general Norman Schwarzkopf died Thursday in Tampa at age 78. Known as “Stormin’ Norman,” Schwarzkopf was the commander in chief of the U.S. central command in the five-week Persian Gulf War in 1991 and was regaled for freeing Kuwait from its Iraqi occupiers. In the aftermath, Schwarzkopf was given the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President George H.W. Bush, and Queen Elizabeth II made him an honorary knight. He overcame prostate cancer almost 20 years ago, and he died Thursday from complications from pneumonia.

    Retired general led command in first Gulf War.

    Retired U.S. Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf, the man who led the U.S. command in the first Gulf War, died Thursday at the age of 78. Three months before his retirement in 1991, Schwarzkopf told soon-to-be soldiers about the importance of protecting the nation—and the importance of dedication to the U.S.

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