Glitch Botches Inauguration Tix Sale

    An American supporter of President Barack Obama holds a flag and sports a T-shirt which has a portrait of Obama and a phrase that reads 'Bangalore has hope' during a screening of U.S. elections coverage organized at a restaurant over breakfast in Bangalore, India, Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2012. Obama captured a second White House term, blunting a mighty challenge by Republican Mitt Romney as Americans voted for a leader they knew over a wealthy businessman they did not. (AP Photo/Aijaz Rahi)

    Aijaz Rahi / AP Photo

    Usually people get screwed trying to buy tickets online. This is sort of the same thing. Those who thought they were getting exclusive tickets to one of the president’s two inaugural balls were foiled Sunday when a Ticketmaster glitch sent out an early email telling people to buy now. The unsuspecting Obama fans were told that a certain number of tickets were being offered to them on Monday for $60 a pop. While Ticketmaster apologized for the mishap, many of the tickets were already sold. Hundreds vented on the Inaugural Committee’s Facebook page.  

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