Scuffles Hit Chinese Newspaper Protest

    Demonstrators call for press freedom in support of journalists from the Southern Weekend newspaper outside the company's office building in Guangzhou, south China's Guangdong province on January 8, 2013. Chinese bloggers and celebrities along with foreign media campaigners threw their support behind journalists at a newspaper enmeshed in a censorship row on January 8, after a rare protest for press freedom.CHINA OUT   AFP PHOTO        (Photo credit should read AFP/AFP/Getty Images)

    Protests calling for press freedom in China. (AFP/Getty)

    Scuffles broke out during protests outside of Southern Weekly, a Guangzhou newspaper that has been protesting against government censorship. The fights broke out when supporters of the paper skirmished with a group of leftists who arrived holding portraits of Chairman Mao and signs that described the weekly as “a traitor newspaper.” One pro–press freedom protester said, “These people [leftists] are paid agitators of the government, twisting the truth with propaganda. We had to do something about it.” Police officers intervened, but the protests were allowed to go on. The paper is still scheduled to be published on Thursday, though editors of other Southern Media Group publications may be brought in to take over the issue.

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