Pro-Gun Activists Rally in 49 States

    Devin Eisengart, left, checks the price on a .22 rifle as he waits in line with hundreds of others to get into the Pennsylvania Gun Collectors Association gun show on Saturday, Jan. 19, 2013 in Tarentum, Pa. Neither Eisengart nor some of the show organizers were aware of a gun owners advocate group calling the day "Gun Appreciation Day" as a  nationwide event encouraging people to visit their local gun ranges, gun stores and sporting goods stores. (AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)

    Outside gun show on Saturday in Penn. (Keith Srakocic/AP)

    Pro-gun activists launched their pre-planned gun rallies at “high noon” in 49 states across the U.S. Saturday, a movement that they claim is in response to President Barack Obama’s proposals to reduce gun violence. Organized by a group called Guns Across America, the rallies are reportedly taking place at state capitals. The debate over gun control intensified in America following the Newtown massacre in which 20 children were gunned down. Vice President Joe Biden has promised executive action on gun control as soon as possible. 

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