Algeria Death Toll Rises to 48

    Algerian policemen stop cars at a checkpoint in In Amenas, deep in the Sahara near the Libyan border, on January 18, 2013 as Islamist hostage-takers at a nearby gas field in the area, more than 1,300 kms southeast of the capital Algiers, demanded a prisoner swap and an end to the French military campaign in Mali, a report said, while 30 foreigners were reported still missing in the worst international hostage drama for years. AFP PHOTO/FAROUK BATICHE        (Photo credit should read FAROUK BATICHE/AFP/Getty Images)

    Farouk Batiche/AFP, via Getty

    The death toll following the hostage crisis at an Algerian gas facility went up from 23 to 48 people Sunday, according to officials. Twenty-five additional bodies were found at the complex, all of whom were reportedly captives. Algeria’s communications minister, Mohammed Said, said that the militants came from six different countries, saying that they were “nationals of Arab and African countries and of non-African countries.” All 32 hostage takers were reportedly killed by Algerian troops.

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