Assad: I Didn't Start War

    In this image taken from TV Syria's president Bashar al-Assad speaks during an interview in Tehran, Iran, Thursday June 28, 2012. Assad told Iranian state TV Thursday that his country still supports him, and he warned that any intervention in Syria will cause a "domino" effect in the region. He has given similar warnings before, saying the entire Middle East will go up in flames if others meddle in his country. (AP Photo/IRIB TV via APTN) NO IRAN NO BBC PERSIAN NO VOA PERSIAN NO MANOTO TV

    IRIB TV, via AP

    Syrian president Bashar al-Assad denied that he was responsible for starting the civil war in his country in an interview on German television Wednesday. "We didn't launch the war and we didn't choose which kind of war," Assad said. He also denied having chemical weapons, saying "how can I use it to fight groups, small groups of terrorists everywhere, especially in cities...[it's] not realistic and not logical." Assad also called for a "national dialouge."

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