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Baby Found in Walmart Bag

Mayra Beltran/Houston Chronicle

CPS is seeking the publics help to identify the parents of Baby Chloe who was just released from Texas Children's Hospital today where she received medical care on Monday, Feb. 25, 2013, in Houston. Baby Chloe was abandoned a Feb. 19, 2013. A woman walking her dog, found the infant in a plastic bag outside the fence of an apartment complex on Grant Road in Cypress. The infant will be placed in a foster home until relatives are found or adoptive home is identified.

Last week, a newborn baby was found alive in a plastic Walmart bag by an apartment complex in Houston, Texas. Chloe, as hospital staff named her, is now a week old and has been released from the hospital and into the care of a foster family. Child Protective Services says it's hoping to find the birth parents to determine the baby's medical history "'so the person who is adopting this baby can have some more genetic family medical background on the baby to be able to raise her with more knowledge or information about her." Chloe was found by a woman walking her dog in the neighborhood—a surprising discovery since a Texas law called "Safe Haven" allows anyone to drop a child off at a hospital or fire station with no legal repercussions.