Study: Get Paid, Shed Pounds

    A man runs on a treadmill in Oklahoma City, Thursday, Jan. 3, 2008. Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett wants residents to shed 1 million pounds in 2008 and end Oklahoma City's dubious distinction as one of America's fattest cities.  (AP Photo)


    There is something that tastes as good as skinny feels: dollar bills. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic made the recent discovery that people who received financial incentives lost more weight than those who received no money. Obese Mayo Clinic employees and their dependents—between ages 18 and 63—were the participants in the study. An estimated 62 percent of those who received compensation accomplished the goal of losing four pounds per month, compared with the 26 percent of the nonincentive group who found success in shedding pounds. It’s doughnuts or Benjamins—take your pick.

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