Sheldon Adelson Goes to Court

    Las Vegas Sands Corp. CEO Sheldon Adelson answers questions on witness stand in Las Vegas court, Thursday, April 4, 2013, in Las Vegas. The casino billionaire and GOP super-donor made a rare public appearance, Thursday, as the lead witness against a Hong Kong businessman who is suing his company for $328 million. (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)

    Sheldon Adelson in Las Vegas court on Thursday. (Julie Jacobson/AP)

    It's not just Newt Gingrich who get to spend time with Sheldon Adelson anymore. In a rare public appearance, the casino magnate and Republican sugar daddy testified in a Las Vegas court. Adelson had to defend himself against claims that a Hong Kong businessman worked behind the scenes to help Adelson’s Las Vegas Sands casinos start business in Macau. So what did we learn about Adelson? Apparently he is a “hot-dog freak” and has a sense of humor about his height, but also can be pushy, trying to cite pamphlets he’d brought in a briefcase and hadn’t introduced as evidence. His lawyers tried to bar cameras in the courtroom, saying they posed a security risk.

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