Kerry Seeks China’s Help With N. Korea

    BEIJING, CHINA - APRIL 13: U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry meets with Chinese Foreign minister Wang Yi  at the Chinese Foreign Ministry in Beijing April 13, 2013. Kerry is on a tour of Asia, visiting South Korea, Japan and China to discuss issues concerning North Korea. (Photo by Yohsuke Mizuno-Pool/Kyodo News/Getty Images)

    Pool photo by Yohsuke Mizuno

    Secretary of State John Kerry traveled to China on Saturday—his first trip to the country since taking office—to ask for its help in easing tensions with North Korea, amid continuing nuclear threats as North Korea tests its missile system. Kerry will be in China for three days, meeting with top leaders to discuss ridding the Korean Peninsula of nuclear weapons. For his part, Kerry said that the U.S. would remove its own missile defenses from the region in exchange for China’s help. China agreed to the idea of removing nuclear weapons from the Korean Peninsula, though leaders did not publicly state what steps exactly it would take.

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