Woman on Trial in Severed-Penis Case

Catherine Kieu. (Orange County District Attorney/AP)

The trial has begun for the Southern Californian woman who cut off her husband’s penis in July 2011, allegedly yelling, “You deserve it,” before throwing it in the garbage disposal. According to police, Catherine Kieu drugged her husband with sleeping-pill-laced tofu, tied him up to their bed, cut off his penis with a 10-inch kitchen knife, and then chopped it up in the kitchen sink disposal (needless to say, nothing was reattached). “She murdered me that night,” Kieu’s husband said in court Wednesday, and added, “I will never have a sex life again.” The victim, whose name has not been released because of the sexual nature of the case, was able to have surgery that allows him to urinate. Kieu, who was arrested and charged with “aggravated mayhem” for the incident, faces life in prison if convicted.