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    Report: Boehner Son-in-Law-to-Be Busted for Pot

    EXCLUSIVE: MANDATORY CREDIT: NATIONAL ENQUIRER -  This is the construction worker who is set to marry U.S. House Speaker John Boehner's daughter Lindsay.
According to a US report, Dominic Lakhan was arrested on suspicion of drug possession in Pembroke Pines, Florida, in 2006.
The National Enquirer report claims cops found two bags containing approximately two grams of cannabis in his car after pulling him over for a traffic violation.
Lakhan, who was born in Jamaica, is set to wed Lindsay on May 10. Her father, John, is a devout Catholic who voted to ban medical marijuana in Washington D.C. and voted for funds to help Mexico fight the war on drugs.
Pictured: Dominic Lakhan
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    Get ready to add one to your "John Boehner crying" photo collection. Boehner's 35-year-old daughter, Lindsay, is engaged to Jamaican-born Dominic Lakhan, who was reportedly pulled over for a traffic violation seven years ago in Pembroke Pines, Florida. According to the police report from the incident, two grams of cannabis were found in his ashtray, along with a 16 ounce opened can of Natty Light in the driver door. The report says Lakhan "admitted to the possession of the can­nabis, stating that it was for personal use.” The National Enquirer claims to have caught the first image of Lakhan, in a brown Rastafarian-style hat. 

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