Justice Dept to Appeal Pill Ruling

Justin Sullivan/Getty

A package of Plan B contraceptive is displayed at Jack's Pharmacy on April 5, 2013 in San Anselmo, California. A federal judge in New York City has ordered the Food and Drug Adminstration to make Plan B contraceptive, also known as the morning after pill, available to younger teens without a perscription within 30 days.

On Wednesday, the Justice Department announced it would appeal an judge's order to move the morning-after pill over the counter and available to all regardless of age. Yesterday, the FDA announced Plan B One-Step would be made legal for purchase without a prescription by girls 15 and up. But the Justice Department is seeking to overturn a broader order by a federal judge that removed age restrictions on Plan B and other simliar products, and has asked the FDA to freeze the judge's order until the appeal goes through.