Astronauts Plug Space Station Leak

    In this image made from video provided by NASA, astronauts Chris Cassidy, foreground, and Tom Marshburn prepare for a possible spacewalk from the International Space Station on Friday, May 10, 2013. NASA will decide later Friday if the two astronauts will step outside the station to work on a leaking coolant line. The line chills power systems but power was rerouted and is operating normally. The six-member crew is not in danger. (AP Photo/NASA)


    The ammonia leak at the International Space Station has been plugged—for now, as astronauts made an emergency spacewalk to replace the ammonia pump, despite the fact that it showed no signs of damage. Though the leak presented no threat to the station crew's safety, NASA wanted to plug it now while they had people in space still in space. The cause of the eruption remains a mystery, however, and Mission Control plans to continue monitoring the station to ensure things are still running smoothly over the next few days and weeks.

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