Bride Banned From Showing Her Face

    JERUSALEM, ISRAEL - MAY 22: Bride Hannah Batya Penet, during her wedding ceremony to Rabbi Shalom Rokach, the Grandson of the Belz Rabbi, early morrning of May 22, 2013. in Jerusalem, Israel. Some 25,000 Ultra-Orthodox Jews participated in one of the biggest weddings of the of Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in the past few years. (Photo by Uriel Sinai/Getty Images)

    Uriel Sinai / Getty Images

    Thousands of Hasidic Jews dressed in black gathered in Jerusalem on Tuesday to celebrate the wedding of their future leader, Shalom Rokeach, and—what they could see of—his beautiful, veiled bride. Keeping with ultra-Orthodox Jewish tradition, 19-year-old Hannah Batya Penet was banned from showing her face throughout the entire ceremony. Behind her lace and crystal-encrusted veil, onlookers could see nothing but tiny diamond earrings. Penet's new husband, the grandson of the chief rabbi of Belz, will eventually lead the entire Jewish sect.

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