Morsi Supporters Killed in Cairo

    Image #: 23153428    epa03780440 Members of the Muslim Brotherhood carry the body of a dead supporter of ousted Egyptian President Morsi during clashes with Republican guards forces in Cairo, Egypt, 08 July 2013. According to local sources, supporters of ousted president Morsi clashed during a sit-in outside the Republican guards barracks, early 08 July, tear gas and gunfire were used, at least 10 people are reported killed. Egyptian army armored vehicles were deployed near Tahrir square in order to secure it.  EPA/MOHAMMED SABER /LANDOV

    Mohammed Saber/EPA, via Landov,MOHAMMED SABER

    At least 42 Morsi supporters were killed early Monday in Cairo and an estimated 300 injured, allegedly while at morning prayers at the Republican Guard compound—and the Muslim Brotherhood is calling for an uprising in response. The military blamed a “terrorist group” for the shooting and said that soldiers opened fire only after being provoked. “The protesters weren’t even looking,” said Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Gehad El-Haddad. “They had their heads bowed to the ground, and the police just started firing from one side, the Army from the other. And it was just chaos.” Meanwhile, Egypt’s ultra-conservative Islamic party, al-Nour, announced it would be withdrawing from talks to form an interim government after Monday’s shooting.

    Muslim Brotherhood calls for uprising in response.

    Pro- and anti-Morsi factions clash on roofs and the ground below, pushing some off the buildings.

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