Muslim Group Suspected in Acid Attack

    Mandatory Credit: Photo by Rex / Rex USA (1640569a)
Kirstie Trup
Acid attack in Zanzibar, Tanzania - 08 Aug 2013
Kirstie Trup, 18 and Katie Gee, both girls from London have been injured in an acid attack on the Indian Ocean island of Zanzibar. They suffered burns to their faces, chests and hands after a corrosive substance was thrown in their faces in Stone Town, in the west part of the island. Two men threw acid on the girls as they walked through the narrow streets of the capital and then sped off on a moped. Ms Trup is from Hampstead and Ms Gee is a former schoolgirl at Francis Holland in Chelsea. They were in their final week of a three week trip volunteering with the NGO Art in Tanzania and were flown to hospital in Dar es Salaam where they have since been discharged. Police say they were lucky to escape without serious burns and are expected to fly home today. The motive for the atack is not yet known. Pictured here on her "open" facebook page


    Five men were arrested in Zanzibar and are being questioned by police about the acid attack that left two 18-year-old British volunteers injured Wednesday night. Apparently, Katie Gee and Kirstie Trup (pictured) were not the first victims of such a vicious and seemingly random attack on the East African Island. Members of Uamsho, a group that wants Zanzibar to become a country independent from mainland Tanzania and run under strict Muslim law, have carried out acid attacks and shootings against Muslim and Catholic leaders in the last year. Religious leaders on the island believe the men who threw acid at the girls on Wednesday could be part of Uamsho. The five suspects will be interrogated. Meanwhile, the two girls are on their way from Tanzania back to the U.K. on a medical evacuation flight.

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