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MATERIAL GIRL Austin Theatre Chain Bans Madonna Jason Merritt

Austin Theatre Chain Bans Madonna

The iconic Alamo Drafthouse movie theatre in Austin has banned Madonna until she “apologizes to movie fans” after she was caught texting during the 12 Years a Slave premiere in New York. So pretty much for life then. According to film critic Charles Taylor, a former student asked Madonna (texting in black lace gloves to top it off) to stop texting on her BlackBerry during the film, and she allegedly responded “It’s for work … ENSLAVER!” So, um, Madonna still uses a BlackBerry? That must be why she needed those black lace gloves. Alamo Drafthouse CEO Steve League said he is “serious” about enforcing the ban, although he added “I don’t think it affects her life much.” Until the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema opens in Brooklyn, that is.

October 14, 2013 1:23 PM