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    Delayed Phillippines Aid Arrives

    A Typhoon Haiyan survivor carries a child wrapped in a towel as he watches a helicopter landing to bring aid to the destroyed town of Guiuan, Samar Island, Philippines, Friday, Nov. 15, 2013. As an international aid effort gathered steam, resilient Filipinos in battered towns started rebuilding their lives and those of their neighbors - with or without help from their government or foreign aid groups. (AP Photo/David Guttenfelder)

    David Guttenfelder

    As the United Nations doubled its estimate of those left homeless in the typhoon-ravaged Philippines to nearly two million on Saturday, emergency supplies finally flowed into the region, reaching some who have been left to scavenge for days. Reuters called the relief efforts “still patchy” however, as officials reported hungry survivors attempting to leave the city of Ormoc and residents of Tanauan say they only began receiving significant aid on Friday, after spending subsisting on biscuits and disposing of dead bodies on their own. Typhoon Haiyan killed at least 3,633 and left 1,179 people missing, according to the national count. 

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