1. busted, again

    Ford Lost Phone at Crack House?

    Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, right, is flanked by Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday in Toronto in a January 25, 2013 photo, after learning that he has successfully appealed a decision to remove him from office following a conflict of interest hearing. Holyday said Friday it's urgent for Ford to deal with the allegations that gained attention around the world. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Young

    Chris Young/Canadian Press, via AP

    How is this guy real? According to police documents published by CTV News on Wednesday, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford may have lost his cellphone at a crack house a month before video of him smoking the drug hit the Internet. While wiretapping cellphone conversations during a drug-trafficking investigation, police overheard suggestions that Ford's phone had been stolen from the crack house, contradicting Ford's story about losing his phone at a community event. An alleged gangster was also overheard being ordered to go to the house because "Rob Ford wants some drugs." He was later heard saying that Ford had been "smoking his rocks" that day at the house.

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