New Vampire Trucker Victim Emerges

Clay County Sheriiff

Timothy Vafeades, 53.

There is a new twist in the case that has rocked both Salt Lake City and the vampire community (little overlap). A second woman has come forward and told police that she too was forcibly held by Timothy Jay Vafeades, 53, and alleges that he beat and sexually abused her on a daily or weekly basis, called her his slave, made her do the paperwork for his company Twilight Express Trucking for no pay, took her ID’s, forced her to marry him, change her appearance, and threatened to kill her. She was separated from him after officers at a weigh station noticed her bruises just days after he allegedly had her lie naked on a bed and beat her with a belt. Vafeades was charged in December with kidnapping a different teenage female relative and sexually and physically abusing her hundreds of times. Both the new victim and the teenager said he filed their teeth with a small drill, and the teenager talked of his vampire obsession.