Chobani Allegedly Stole Recipe

Lucas Jackson/Reuters

Chobani founder Hamdi Ulukaya’s ex-wife is going for the jugular, alleging in a legal battle over the company that her husband stole a Greek yogurt recipe from rival Fage. Ayse Giray alleges that Ulukaya paid an ex-Fage employee 30,000 euro (around $41,000) for the formula. Giray claims she was the one who fronted the money for a company called Euphrates, which was a predecessor to Chobani, and that Ulukaya was once in such dire straits that he stole money from his brother’s accounts and forged his signature. Giray also claims that Ulukaya paid $1 million to settle allegations that employees of his were instructed to pour waste down the drains upon shutting off a water-sewage meter.