London Imam Guilty in NYC Terror Trial

    - FILE PHOTO TAKEN 07FEB03 - A file photograph dated February 7, 2003 shows Muslim cleric Sheikh Abu Hamza (2L) outside the North London Mosque at Finsbury Park surrounded by supporters. British police arrested Hamza on an extradition warrant from the United States, a spokeswoman said on May 27, 2004. - RTXMMY5

    Matt Dunham/Reuters

    On Monday, Abu Hamza was found guilty on terrorism charges in a Manhattan federal court. Born Mustafa Kamel Mustafa, he was accused of proving material support to terrorists and directing men to Al Qaeda training camps. He was also convicted for his involvement in a 1998 kidnapping in Yemen that left four Europeans dead. Hamza was deeply connected with Islamic terrorists. His Finsbury Park Mosque in London was attended by one of the September 11 attackers and shoe-bomber Richard Reid. Though Hamza appeared calm and gentle on the stand, the trial featured recordings of his preaching, which included ones of his encouraging the capture of non-Muslim women and children. Attorney General Eric Holder praised the verdict as a victory for civil courts trying terrorists.

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