Kidnapping Victim Forced to Marry Captor


After being kidnapped at the age of 15 and being held against her will for 10 years, a California woman was found Wednesday. Alleged captor Isidor Garcia has been charged with one felony count of forcible rape, three felony counts of lewd acts on a minor, and one felony count of kidnapping to commit sexual offense. Police say Garcia had been the live-in boyfriend of the victim’s mother, who suspected he was having a romantic relationship with her teenage daughter. The victim now says Garcia was sexually abusing her during that time. Garcia disappeared with the victim after a domestic-violence incident with her mother. He allegedly drugged and kidnapped the victim and locked her in the garage of a house in Compton. Garcia moved her to several different locations, while allegedly continuing his sexual and physical abuse. According to investigators, Garcia intimidated the victim with threats of deportation, forced her to marry him in 2007, and have their child in 2012. If convicted, he faces 19 years in prison.