Iraq Reportedly Bombs Fallujah Hospital

    A hospital bed inside Fallujah General Hospital, where a patient was injured in an attack by Iraqi government forces. Photo taken February 10, 2014.
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    Human Rights Watch

    The Iraqi government is reportedly dropping barrel bombs on residential neighborhoods and targeting a hospital in its battle with militants to secure the city of Fallujah. New York-based Human Rights Watch has reported that Iraq, in its struggle to defeat anti-government fighters, appears to have a launched a series of strikes against the Fallujah hospital, which suggests it has specifically targeted it. Human Rights Watch says in its report that doing so “would constitute a serious violation of the laws of war.” The Iraqi government has denied this allegation, but witness accounts in the Human Rights Watch report indicate otherwise. Patrick Youssef, head of the Red Cross delegation in Iraq, said “Access to health care in Fallujah has been dramatically interrupted” and “medical supplies are running short.”

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