UK's 'Most Wanted' Ostrich Farmer Nabbed

After three years on the run, Britain's “most wanted” ostrich farmer was caught by authorities in South Africa. Martin Evans, 52, first came to the attention of U.K. officials after swindling 87 people, most of them elderly, out of £900,000 ($1,514,115) in a scam soliciting investors for an ostrich farm in South Wales. In 2000, he fled with his mistress on the day he was supposed to appear in court and started a massive cocaine smuggling business. In 2004, Evans was caught trying to enter the U.S. and sentenced to 24 years in prison, which was reduced to 21. However, in 2011, he vanished after being temporarily released on a three-day license. In total, Evans is believed to have made as much as £39 million ($65.6 million) from his crimes. He is set to appear in court in Pretoria... if the authorities can hang onto him.