Obama, Cameron Slam Russia in Op-Ed


President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron came out swinging in a rare joint article they wrote for The Times of London, accusing Russia of threatening Ukraine’s sovereignty after having first stolen that country’s Crimea region. In the piece, the close allies write that NATO must show the resolve to stand up to Moscow and that Russia is forcing the alliance to “use our military to ensure a persistent presence in Eastern Europe.” NATO officials are working toward an agreement to develop a quick-strike force over the Ukraine crisis. In the piece, titled, “We Will Not Be Cowed by Barbaric Killers,” the two leaders start off by saying that, “As Russia holds a gun to Ukraine and Islamic extremists commit despicable murder, NATO must strengthen its alliance,” and they go on to state that the bloc is “as vital to our future as it has ever been.” Obama and Cameron also vow to deal aggressively with ISIS militants as they pursue their brutal campaign in Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere. The article appears as both leaders are in Wales for a NATO summit.