FDA Warns That Washington State Church Miracle Cure Is Just Bleach

A Washington state church called the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing plans to hold a ceremony on Saturday using MMS, or “miracle mineral solution or supplement” they claim cures 95 percent of all illnesses. The group’s Facebook page advertises the event, claiming that “Bishop Mark Grenon will be leading the seminar and introducing attendees to Chlorine Dioxide Therapy, otherwise known as MMS.” The post asks participants for “donations” of $450 per person; $800 for couples; and $400 for returning seminar students. The FDA has warned participants not to attend. “Consumers who have MMS should stop using it immediately and throw it away,” a spokesman for the FDA told the Guardian. “The FDA continues to advise consumers about the dangers of Miracle Mineral Solution and the agency has issued warnings to consumers over the past decade.” The FDA did not confirm whether they would alert law enforcement to stop the ceremony.