10 Things More Popular Than Rick Perry (Photos)

Ten things more numerous than the Texas governor’s supporters in New Hampshire.

1. 1,766 – Rick Perry

The Texas governor finished dead last in the field of candidates in Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary, leading many to wonder whether he’s the next to bail. He is insisting on seeing it through, but the fact that he only got 0.7 percent of the votes has commentators and tweeters taunting him. From people arrested at Occupy Wall Street to the number of doctoral students at his alma mater, see 10 things more numerous than his 1,766 supporters in the primary.

Mario Tama / Getty Images

2. 1,800 – Occupy Wall Street Detainees

More people were arrested at Occupy Wall Street.

Tom Williams, Roll Call / Getty Images

2. 4,487 – Education Department Employees

Perry wanted to get rid of three federal agencies, but—oops!—forgot the last one. He didn’t forget the U.S. Department of Education, which is actually by far the smallest in the federal government, but even it has 4,487 employees.

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3. 2,281 – Staples Stores

@rebmoti tweeted this tweet: [email protected] Mitt Romney has fired more people than voted for Rick Perry tonight. A lot more.” There’s no way to find that out, but Romney, when he was in charge of Bain Capital in 1986, began giving loans to Staples, which since that year has expanded from one store to 2,281 globally.

Lionsgate / Everetty Collection

4. $1,995 – Tyler Perry’s Money

Another Perry—Tyler—is the highest-earning man in Hollywood, and his highest-grossing movie ++Madea Goes to Jail made $90.5 million over 63 days, which comes to $1,995 every 30 minutes.

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5. 2,000+ - Katy Perry’s Comments

Katy Perry—also no relation—is doing far better than Rick, despite her divorce from Russell Brand. She won five People’s Choice Awards Wednesday night, and more than 2,000 (and growing) people commented on her Facebook page congratulating her. (More than 40,000 people liked it.)

Rick Bowmer / AP Photo

6. 3,222 – Death Row Inmates

Perry is known for his enthusiastic support of the death penalty, and as of April 2011, there are more than 3,000 prisoners on death row in the U.S. Texas has executed 1,228 prisoners in its history, and 321 inmates are currently on death row in the state.

Allen Holder, Kansas City Star / Getty Images

7. 3,951 – Doctoral Students at Texas A&M

There are more people working toward a Ph.D at Perry’s alma mater.

Rafael Duran, AFP / Getty Images

8. 1,971 – Volkswagen Beetles Made Every Two Days

@derekahunter tweeted: “You can fit more people into a VW Beetle than voted for Rick Perry tonight. Sure, he didn't campaign, but that's telling. #TimeToGo #tcot” We thought she wasn’t exaggerating, but in the end we couldn’t cram that many people in the car. Still, the classic Type 1 Beetle was one of the most iconic and popular automobiles ever made, with more than 21.5 million manufactured in 65 years, which comes to 331,222 a year, 6,900 made every week, 1,971 every two days.

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9. 132,381 – La Toya Jackson’s Twitter Followers

@IsaiahLCarter tweeted: [email protected] @CapehartJ Has the ‘more people bought LaToya Jackson's album than voted for Rick Perry’ joke been done yet?” Music sales figures for the Jackson sister are hard to come by (her new album, Starting Over, has not even charted), but La Toya has more Twitter followers than @GovernorPerry (119,631).

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10. 3,272 – ‘Other’ Voters

More people voted for “Others” in New Hampshire on Tuesday.