Anthony Davis, George W. Bush, Frieda Kahlo & More Famous Unibrows (Photos)

Anthony Davis made a splash during the NBA draft with his prominent unibrow. See more famous unibrows.

Corbis ; AP Photo (2) ; Bettmann / Corbis ; Newsmakers / Getty Images ; AFP / Getty Images

Corbis ; AP Photo (2) ; Bettmann / Corbis ; Newsmakers / Getty Images ; AFP / Getty Images

All eyes were on Anthony Davis during the NBA Draft—and not just because of his basketball skillst. There was also a little something between his eyebrows. But the joke is on everyone who made fun of the unibrow: Davis has trademarked the most famous phrases related to it. From Frieda Kahlo to Hugh Acheson, see more celebrities who decided one is enough when it comes to eyebrows.

Gerald Herbert / AP Photo

Anthony Davis

Normally a unibrow would inspire some quick work with the tweezers, but for Anthony Davis , it’s a feature important enough for a trademark. Davis, the New Orleans Hornets’ forward guard, is so well known by his signature eyebrows that he even trademarked the phrases “Fear the Brow” and “Raise the Brow” earlier this June. “I don’t want anyone to try to grow a unibrow because of me and then try to make money off of it,” he told CNBC. “Me and my family decided to trademark it because it’s very unique.”

Bettmann / Corbis

Frida Kahlo

Almost as recognizable as her vividly colorful paintings, was Frida Kahlo’s thick, bushy brow that connected above her nose. She never tried to change her exotic appearance—and she was recognized by the elaborate Tehuana costumes no matter where she was. Not one to shy away from attention, Kahlo’s self-portraits boldly showcase her unibrow and mustache, even making them more pronounced than in real life.

Newsmakers / Getty Images

George W. Bush

Looking young and dapper, George W. Bush shows off a smile and two connected eyebrows for his Yale student photo. The unibrow makes a second appearance in a vacation picture with Laura, but mysteriously disappeared once he took office. Did he pluck or didn’t he?

Diane Bondareff / AP Photo

Josh Hartnett

Winner of Most Hunky in our unibrow hall of fame is Josh Hartnett, best known for his roles in films like Black Hawk Down and Pearl Harbor. His mono-brow is of an elusive quality, sometimes appearing in photos but often tamed by tweezers. But even when it’s grown out, it’s only wispy at best. Looks like he can keep his “Himbo.”

Sam Yeh, AFP / Getty Images

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage had a national treasure of a different kind in his early years: an admirable unibrow. Personal grooming is clearly one more area that Cage refuses to be stingy about.

Jason DeCrow / AP Photo

Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson may not have been crowned the winner during the third season of Top Chef: Masters, but at least he has the most admired above-nose fuzz in the cooking business—though the controversial “Hughnibrow” was almost lost earlier this year when Acheson offered to shave it off for charity. As part of Hugh’s Eyebrow Challenge, Acheson offered to lose the fuzz if Wholesome Wave, a charity that brings locally grown food to poor neighborhoods, could raise $100,000 by March 1. Unfortunately, the charity didn’t end up meeting its goal and Acheson’s unibrow stayed intact.

David Jensen / Corbis

Bill Berry

The space between his eyebrows certainly didn’t make him one of the shiny, happy people. Bill Berry, the now-retired drummer for R.E.M., rocked a consistently thick layer of fuzz throughout the band’s 31-year tenure as alternative-rock kings.

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George Harrison

A young George Harrison made his foray into the public stage with a very distinct feature among the mop tops: a pronounced unibrow. A strange coincidence or did Yoko give him a hint: after the Beatles separated, so did Harrison’s famous eyebrows.

Gered Mankowitz, Redferns / Getty Images

Liam & Noel Gallagher

Though they might not see eye to eye on most things, Oasis members Liam and Noel Gallagher sport matching unibrows. Three years after the band broke up, the English brothers haven’t been able to resolve their differences, but at least their unibrows have become slightly less pronounced over time.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

J. Cole

Rapper J. Cole doesn’t know why people are obsessed with his unibrow, but he thinks it’s pretty funny. “That’s how I know I’m grown because I really don’t care,” he told an interviewer. “I think it’s funny that they’ve never seen a person rock his unibrow so cool, you know what I’m saying?”

Tony Ranze, AFP / Getty Images

Salizhan Sharipov

Unibrow in space! Kyrgyzstan’s first cosmonaut, Salizhan Sharipov possesses possibly the first forehead-spanning brow to venture into the great beyond—twice.  Sharipov served as mission specialist during a docking mission aboard the STS-89 in 1998 and served again as flight engineer on the 10th expedition to the International Space Station. He also has two spacewalks under his belt, both conducted in 2005 and totaling 10 hours and 35 minutes.

AP Photo / Everest Collection

Bert and Sam the Eagle

No one does unibrows quite like the Muppets. Bert, of Sesame Street fame, and Sam the Eagle, known for hanging around Kermit and company, are two of the most famous (and voluminous) unibrows in Hollywood. Whereas Sam’s brow tends to be furrowed in exasperation at the Muppet shenanigans around him, Bert’s has a wider range of emotion: confusion, annoyance, and happiness are all just an eyebrow arch away.