Fifth Time’s the Charm!

Defiant North Korea Celebrates Rocket Launch (PHOTOS)

North Koreans hailed the milestone with dancing in the streets and patriotic songs. See photos.


While the world winced, North Koreans proudly celebrated the successful launch of a long-range missile, the Unha-3, on Wednesday. The act was in direct defiance to the United States, its allies, and the United Nations, all of which discouraged North Korea from launching the rocket, concerned that it’s a ruse to explore the feasibility of a nuclear missile. But timed to the first anniversary of the death of North Korea’s former Dear Leader, Kim Jong-il, the launch was a moment of patriotic pride, with citizens celebrating alongside officials and news anchors their major advancement. All these celebrations, of course, ignore the fact that North Korea is not the first, nor the second (or third) country to accomplish this feat—but it’s still the ideal opportunity for propaganda.


Blast Off!

Scientists and technicians work on their computers to control the launch of the North Korea’s first rocket. When the countdown to blast-off was completed, the country made world history: the first country that is not China or Russia…or the United States…or France… or the United Kingdom, Israel, or India to launch a long-range missile successfully. True revolutionaries!


Most Improved

No country improves on its own technology with as much success as North Korea. Last time the Hermit Kingdom attempted to launch a long-range missile, it disintegrated into bits of dust less than a minute after blast off. But as these satellite images show, this missile has flown exactly like it was built to do. North Korea, Most Improved.

KRT, via AP

‘Chosun Does What It Says’

After a rocket launched, a state television news reader emphatically (for real, (emphatically) proclaimed, “The satellite has entered the planned orbit,” to a patriotic song with the lyrics, “Chosun (Korea) does what it says.” Missing from the clip, presumably, is when the news reader drops the mic, shouts “North Korea, OUT!” and walks off.

Kim Kwang Hyon/AP

Fifth Time’s the Charm?

North Koreans toast the news at a Pyongyang restaurant Wednesday, as their country officially launched a long-range missile. It only took five tries and 14 years! With pride, they can live and breathe that famous saying, “Fifth (?) time is the charm…”

Kyodo/Reuters, via Landov

Dancing in the Streets

Celebrations commence following North Korea’s long-range missile launch. British Foreign Secretary William Hague condemned the launch, saying, “I deplore the fact that the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) has chosen to prioritize this launch over improving the livelihood of its people.” Clearly, he must have said this before he saw these people dancing in the streets.