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Elizabeth Warren & More of Mean Girls of Capitol Hill Tumblr (PHOTOS)

A new Tumblr compares D.C. politicos to the bullies in ‘Mean Girls.’ See the seven best photos so far.

What’s the difference between Capitol Hill and a high-school cafeteria? Not a lot, it turns out. A Tumblr called Mean Girls of Capitol Hill is pointing out what we all suspected by mashing up photos of politicians with classic quotes from the 2004 film Mean Girls. Ronald Reagan? Totally a Plastic. Ken Cuccinelli? He’s Regina George reincarnated. See the seven best photos so far.

Transfer Student?

Um, duh, Ms. Norbury: “Everyone in Africa can read Swedish,” remember? Can President Obama read Swedish? Exactly. 

Ken Cuccinelli Is a Life Ruiner

Ugh, Ken Cuccinelli just likes the attention, right, Bill Bolling and Bob McDonald? He's a total Regina George. That bitch once stole the boy of Cady’s dreams, just like Cuccinelli is trying to steal governorship of Virginia.

The Gospel According to Michele Bachmann

Wouldn’t Michele Bachmann and Coach Carr totally hit it off? He molds young minds by yelling, “Don’t have sex because you will get pregnant and die!”

Ronald Reagan Is a Plastic

Gretchen Wieners totally gets you, Ron. Popular kids are always the victims.

A Match Made in Mathlete Heaven

Looks like Jeb Bush is learning moves from Kevin Gnapoor, who skeeved out Janis Ian with the same pickup line. At least Marco Rubio’s in the same hemisphere as Jeb’s guess.


Really, though. The fourth annual Congressional Women’s Softball Game was held on a Wednesday.

The New Kid

Elizabeth Warren is a lot like Cady—just an earnest kid trying to make her way into the big leagues. But she’s got a long way to go before she reaches Plastics status.