Adriana Lima’s 9 Favorite Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Looks (Photos)

As she approaches her 13th Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, the supermodel looks back on some of her favorite runway outfits.



Adriana Lima first graced the Victoria’s Secret runway in 1999 at age 18, alongside some of the world’s biggest supermodels: Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, and Stephanie Seymour. Ever since, Lima has been a staple at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, with 2013 marking her 13th stroll down the lingerie giant’s runway. Born in Brazil in 1981, she quickly rose to supermodel fame, winning Ford’s Supermodel of Brazil contest and coming in second place in Ford’s Supermodel of the World search, both at the tender age of 15. At 18, Lima relocated to New York City, where she signed with Elite Model Management and began a career working for some of the world’s biggest fashion names, including Valentino, Givenchy, Donna Karan, and Giorgio Armani. Despite her array of high fashion work, Lima is best known for her Victoria’s Secret work—she’s been an Angel since 2000, opened the Fashion Show five times, and worn the coveted Fantasy Bra twice. As the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show approaches its 18th year, the supermodel looks back on her favorite runway looks. 

KMazur/WireImage for Full Picture

‘Super Heroine,’ 2003

“In 2003, [my look] was ‘Super Heroine,’ and I opened the show in that outfit. It was inspired by Japanese cartoons and [was a] very strong, colorful, and powerful look. I’m wearing thigh-high boots with lace all the way up in the back.”

Evan Agostini/Getty

‘Angels Across America,’ 2004

“Victoria’s Secret did not have a fashion show in 2004, so we did ‘Angels Across America.’ We traveled all over the USA and held different events featuring all of the Angels. I remember we went to L.A. and Chicago. We stopped off in Miami—I believe that was our first stop—and it was my first time going to a basketball game, ever. I was really excited. [We saw the Heat], and at the time Shaquille O’Neal was playing. We had great seats that were right on the court. I loved it!”

Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage for Full Picture

‘Sexy Toys,’ 2005

“In 2005, my outfit was inspired by Christmas and the holiday theme. If you ask me, I love this outfit—I love the color and it’s fun.”

Victoria’s Secret

‘Come Fly With Me,’ 2006

“This outfit is very cute. It’s inspired by old-school flight attendants, which was a really fun theme for me after spending so much time on airplanes for work. This was also worn during the last segment of the show and was something that could be really playful.”

Victoria’s Secret

‘Surreally Sexy,’ 2007

“‘Surreally Sexy’ was inspired by Salvador Dalí and Surrealist art—that’s what’s on the wings: the clock, the eye, the lips.”

Victoria’s Secret

‘Black Tie Holiday,’ 2008

“This is the first time I got to wear the black diamond Fantasy Bra. It was such an exciting momemt for me because every year we’re all like, ‘I wonder who’s going to get to wear the Fantasy Bra this year?’ I love black diamonds and I love black. It’s one of my favorite colors.”

Victoria’s Secret

‘Tough Love,’ 2010

“2010 was a special moment for me because it was after I had my first daughter, Valentina. She was born in November 2009—which was the only year I missed the fashion show—so I had plenty of time to get back in shape before the next one. I love the outfit! It’s a little Spanish-oriented.”

Victoria’s Secret

‘Heavenly Bodies,’ 2010

"2010 was the second time I wore the bombshell Fantasy Bra—I was excited to wear the Fantasy Bra for the second time. These wings are made of giant feathers. Talking about the wings, everything’s handmade. They use feathers, crystals, and different materials, and some of the wings can take up to three months to be done. The Fantasy Bra, too, is made by hand. They have a different design every year, a different type of diamond, and different colors.”

Victoria’s Secret

‘Circus,’ 2012

“2012 was a circus theme. This was the opening outfit of the show. The jacket that I’m wearing cost over $2,000 to be made. Everything I’m wearing is handmade, from the coat to the boots to the lingerie. I opened the show two months after my second daughter, Sienna, was born. That was the biggest challenge I experienced.”