Golf's 18 Sexiest WAGs

Tiger Woods isn’t the only golfer with carousing issues. Retired players and current caddies tell Gerald Posner about the game inside the real PGA: The “Party Groupie Association.”

David Cannon / Getty Images

David Cannon / Getty Images

Elin Nordegren (Tiger Woods)

Until last week’s golf-club incident, not much was known about the undisputed queen of the PGA Tour, Elin Nordegren Woods, except that she is Swedish, a former model, and the ex-nanny of golfer Jesper Parnevik's kids. We know now that not only is she, well, passionate, she’s smart— negotiating an immediate $5 million payout in the event of her husband’s infidelity. What more could you ask for?

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Sonya Toms (David Toms)

How do you know your wife is in it for the long haul? When you lose your PGA Tour card (the exemption from tournament qualifiers that marks you as a top golfer) the year after you get married, and she stays with you. Sonya Toms did just that— and agreed to pose with her husband, David Toms, in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue.

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Ana Ivanovic (Adam Scott)

A former boyfriend of Kate Hudson, Adam Scott doesn’t have to worry about his girlfriend complaining that he’s always on tour. Why? Because she is, too: The 29-year-old Australian golfer has been dating 22-year-old former No. 1 tennis player Ana Ivanovic since earlier this year, making them the top tennis-golf duo since Greg Norman split from Chris Evert. Ivanovic is no stranger to two-athlete relationships—she used to be involved with Spanish tennis player Fernando Verdasco.

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Amy Mickelson (Phil Mickelson)

How well-liked is Phil Mickelson’s wife Amy? When the former Phoenix Suns cheerleader was diagnosed with breast cancer this year, golfer John Daly donned a pair of bright pink trousers—garish even by Daly’s “standards”—in support at a tournament the following week. By the following Saturday, all the golfers at the Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial were clad in the color head to toe. Amy and Lefty married in 1996, and they have three children.

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Kate Rose (Justin Rose)

Who knew that gymnastics would help in the rather sedate sport of golf? Apparently Justin Rose’s wife, Kate. A former world-class gymnast, she modified her old training routine for her husband, curing his troublesome back problems and moving the Brit to the top of Europe’s golf rankings.

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Richelle Baddeley (Aaron Baddeley)

It’d be easy to file Aaron Baddeley’s 2002 vow to “not go on a one-on-one date with a girl for six months… so there wouldn’t be any temptation to kiss her” in the “yeah, right” column. But it seems to have worked—the Aussie golfer got hitched two years later to day-care manager Richelle Robbins. And what did they talk about on their first date? “We talked for three hours about God,” says Baddeley. “That’s where we connected first.”

Wilfredo Lee / AP Photo

Liz Estes (Bob Estes)

You’d think that if there was one thing Liz Estes would listen to her husband Bob about, it would his golf tips. Well, you’d be wrong—when a sombrero-wearing Bob caddied for Liz during a charity PGA wives tournament, she didn’t think he was helpful enough: “I’m not listening to my caddy anymore,” she said, after being unable to even hit the green on one hole.

Mike Ehrmann, Sports Illustrated / Getty Images; Sam Greenwood / Getty Images

Kristy McLachlin (Parker McLachlin)

Hawaiian golfer Parker McLachlin, the Tour’s resident good-natured surfer dude, may not be highly ranked, but he’s got some consolation: In a Sports Illustrated poll of PGA Tour golfers, his wife Kristy took the top spot among "hottest significant others," with 23 percent of the vote. Well, she actually came in second, after the 27 percent of golfers who were wise enough to answer, “my wife.”

Rob Carr / AP Photo

Valerie Faldo (Nick Faldo)

Nick Faldo was a great golfer in his day, but he’s also scored quite a few birdies off the course: He divorced his first wife for his manager’s secretary, then left her for a 20-year-old golf student, and then reneged on her Tour card in favor of Swiss publicist Valerie Bercher, whom he married in 2001. Bercher made the cut for some eight years, but she and Faldo split in 2006, leaving the retired pro to his free-swinging ways.

Matt Dunham / AP Photo

Hilary Watson (Tom Watson)

Why change your life up just because you’re getting a divorce? Hilary Watson, once married to golf pro Denis Watson, didn’t seem to have seen the need: She married another pro golfer—with the same last name. (You don’t even need to get a new driver’s license.) New husband Tom Watson, doesn’t seem to mind: His run at the 2009 British Open was one of this year’s most talked-about sports events of the year.

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Diane Donald (Luke Donald)

You wouldn’t know it from some of the outfits, but golf has its share of aesthetes. Luke Donald, who majored in art theory and practice at Northwestern, is an avid collector of contemporary art, along his wife, Diane. Nor, for that matter, is golf as conservative as they say. Diane, a Chicago girl, is up on the latest and greatest in technology: You can follow her on Twitter at

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Jocelyn Hefner (Paul Casey)

Paul Casey’s wife, the former Jocelyn Hefner, shares a last name with Playboy’s founder, Hugh—and they’re related, distant cousins. Jocelyn, an accomplished equestrian show jumper, met Paul through her sister, another Tour wife, married to golfer Fulton Allem.

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Tabitha Furyk (Jim Furyk)

Jim “the Grinder” Furyk’s unconventional swing—an awkward, looping motion that goes against every golf magazine convention—never stopped him from being one of the Tour’s top money-earners; nor did his, well, unconventional looks stop him from landing one of the Tour’s most beautiful wives.

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Alicia Fernandez-Castano (Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano)

Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano is still working his way up the world rankings, but he’s already got one part of his game down—the beautiful spouse. The Spanish pro is a devoted husband, too: After taking the lead in this year’s Scottish Open, he told reporters he would exchange his chance at the title if it meant he could find his wife’s lost dog Petra. Unfortunately, Castano missed the title—and Petra’s status is still unknown.

Adrian Dennis / AFP / Getty Images

Mia Parnevik (Jesper Parnevik)

Mia and Jesper Parnevik were the couple who introduced Tiger Woods to their nanny, Elin, but Mia is probably pleased to know that her husband is unlikely to imitate Woods’ antics: Following the recent Woods news, Jesper told reporters he felt terrible about being the matchmaker, and said he hopes Nordegren will “use a driver next time instead of a three-iron.”

Wilfredo Lee / AP Photo; Carlos Osorio / AP Photo

Leot Chen (Vaughn Taylor)

Leot Chen, Vaughn Taylor’s wife, has a good sense of golf-spouse priorities: When her husband played an unusually quick round at this year’s Travelers Championship, she said she was pleased, because it afforded her more time shopping in New York City. Even better, when playing in a charity round of golf with other WAGs, the irrepressible Chen debuted an unorthodox one-handed technique: one hand for the wedge, and one hand for the cocktail.

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Carmelita Immelman (Trevor Immelman)

You’d be surprised at the number of golfers whose wives have been with them since before they were famous—but perhaps Carmelita Immelman just knew that her high-school sweetheart Trevor would bring home the Masters green jacket someday?

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Anna Cladakis (John Daly)

A few years ago, it wouldn’t have surprised anyone that John Daly would be dating a Hooters girl. (After all, they are a longtime sponsor.) What is surprising is that his new girlfriend, Anna Cladakis, is a high-powered executive at the restaurant chain, and not a waitress—and that she’s helped Daly turn himself from an obese, unruly alcoholic and gambling addict into a newly svelte, in-control golfer. Next step: getting Long John to wear better pants.