Hollywood's Sexiest Werewolves

Benicio Del Toro's new film The Wolfman brings old-school horror back. From Taylor Lautner to Anna Paquin to Michael J. Fox, VIEW OUR GALLERY of the hottest howlers.

Everett Collection

Everett Collection

Agnes Bruckner & Olivier Martinez

Blood and Chocolate

Not many people saw this 2007 under-the-radar werewolf—or as they’re called in the film, loup-garou—romance extravaganza Blood and Chocolate. But you can bet everyone that did went home wishing they were being hunted by the brooding Romanian wolfpack of Agnes Bruckner and Olivier Martinez. The film was loosely based on the young-adult novel of the same name, leading fans to nitpick the characterizations of their romance. It’s a good thing the two leads end up together—otherwise werewolf fans pining for their own affairs would have to overlook that little part where the forbidding lovers kill their prey.

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Benicio Del Toro

Rebelling against the trend of dewy-eyed, chiseled-pec’d teen werewolves, Benicio Del Toro’s new film The Wolfman aims to return to old Hollywood horror basics. The hirsute manly man’s face will be covered in even more hair (yak hair!) thanks to elaborate makeup that took hours to complete. His co-star, Emily Blunt, says that using makeup instead of CGI adds to Del Toro’s performance, because, "You can still see him beneath it… that's what scary about wolf men, vampires and so on—you can see their human side."

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Taylor Lautner

New Moon

Who would have thought that young Sharkboy—of the 2005 kid’s favorite The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D—would become such a hunky Shark-man? One-time martial arts champion and Teen Choice Award winner Taylor Lautner is now one of the foremost causes of teenage girl screams across the nation, thanks to his role as love-struck werewolf Jacob Black in the unstoppable Twilight series. The 17-year-old star was almost fired from New Moon last year because he didn’t yet possess the six-pack abs appropriate for his character. But now, after gaining 30 pounds of muscle for the role, it’s nearly impossible to find a photo of Lautner with his shirt actually on.

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Will Kemp

Van Helsing

Will Kemp’s turn as Velkan Valerius in Van Helsing was smoldering enough to do the impossible and make discerning fans root against monster hunter Hugh Jackman. But Kemp’s debut performance may have just been preparation for a career of human-animal hybrid roles: Three years later, he played the horse Nugget (and the Young Horseman) in the 2007 West End stage production of Equus.

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Jack Nicholson


Jack Nicholson’s performance as mild-mannered editor-turned-vicious werewolf Will Randall improbably brought werewolf hijinks to the publishing industry In the 1994 film Wolf, James Spader tries to ruin Randall’s career and marriage, but also turns into a wolf and attempts to seduce Michelle Pfieffer (Randall’s wife). Either way, if you find a bloody-faced Jack Nicholson sexy, get thee to your Netflix.

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Katharine Isabelle

Ginger Snaps

Katharine Isabelle’s performance as Ginger Fitzgerald in the cult 2000 film answers the age-old question: “Are female werewolves as sexy as males?” The answer: an emphatic “yes.” The storyline masks feminism and a coming-of-age tale beneath the story of two teen sisters who are obsessed with dying. When Ginger turns into a werewolf, high school gets a lot more hairy. The film’s critical acclaim predictably led to a sequel and a prequel.

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David Naughton

An American Werewolf in London

John Landis—who went on to direct Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video—got his horror-makeup start turning David Naughton into a werewolf in this cautionary tale about why American backpackers should never, ever walk alone on the Yorkshire Moors under a full moon. This summer, it was announced that the 1981 classic will live again—as a remake.

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Lon Chaney Jr.

The Wolf Man

Lon Chaney, Jr.’s memorable 1941 performance as lupine Larry Talbot set the bar for all other depictions of the notorious creature of the night. Chaney often complained of the pains it took to transform himself into the extremely shaggy title character, but a few hours in a chair became worth it when audiences saw—and loved—him adorned with all that yak-hair makeup.

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Michael Sheen


Michael Sheen plays the werewolf Lucian in the first Underworld movie, the 2003 hit co-starring Kate Beckinsale and Scott Speedman. The war between the Vampires and Lycans (or werewolves, for the non-lycanthropes out there) takes center stage in the first installment of the neo-Goth trilogy. It was a far cry from his dual appearances as Tony Blair in The Deal and the The Queen, but Sheen is back to his fang-filled ways starring as a bloodsucking vampire in the Twilight series.

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Sybil Danning

Howling II

Boasting perhaps the best title of all werewolf films, Howling II: Stirba—Werewolf Bitch, is the sequel to 1981’s The Howling. Although the film was a commercial failure, Sybil Danning’s performance as Stirba, werewolf queen, is emblazoned in the memories of many late-night Cinemax fans.

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Michael J. Fox & Jason Bateman

Teen Wolf/ Teen Wolf Too

How can you choose between were-cousins Todd and Scott Howard? Basketball or boxing? High school or college? Spin City or Arrested Development? Why choose? You can get Teen Wolf and Teen Wolf Too on the same DVD.

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Joshua Jackson & Judy Greer


Werewolves came to Hollywood in Wes Craven’s 2005 lycanthrope version of Scream. Joshua Jackson, the most famous of the Mighty Ducks, played a somewhat more vicious animal—a werewolf boyfriend. Jackson was reunited with Dawson’s Creek screenwriter Kevin Williamson, who penned Cursed. And because the film takes place in Los Angeles—complete with a car crash on Mulholland Drive—Judy Greer plays a werewolf-publicist who had a one-night stand with Jackson’s character.

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Michael Landon

I Was a Teenage Werewolf

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I sure liked Rebel Without a Cause—but there weren’t enough werewolf murders,” than 1957’s I Was a Teenage Werewolf is your movie. A strapping Michael Landon—who nearly 20 years later starred in Little House on the Prairie—plays Tony Rivers, a hairy rebel who finds his cause when the moon is full.

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David Thewlis

the Harry Potter series

You can’t have a list of sexy supernatural beings and not include someone from Harry Potter. David Thewlis, who plays the tweedy werewolf/wizard Remus Lupin, is perfect for the lycanthropy fan looking for a non-threatening wolf-human hybrid. The British film and stage actor is beloved by Muggles and Wizards alike in his teaching role. Lupin selflessly says he would give up a romance with Nymphadora Tonks because he doesn’t want her to get infected, but the two overcome that small hurdle and have a child together.

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Anna Paquin

Trick 'r Treat

Anna Paquin stars as a mysterious Red Riding Hood, making the True Blood actress one of the few to have portrayed a werewolf as well as a vampire's human lover.