New Show

John Singer Sargent’s Watercolors

A new exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston showcases 92 breathtaking Sargent watercolors. See the highlights.

John Singer Sargent Watercolors, the new exhibit at The Museum of Fine Arts Boston, showcases the 92 paintings that the celebrated American artist rendered in this style. It is the first time the two most significant collections of Sargent’s watercolors, from the MFA and the Brooklyn Museum, are together for public view. Though he is best known for his portraits and subject pictures, Sargent reinvented himself in the 20th century with a mastery of the watercolor medium. It was in this time that he is said to have reached his artistic pinnacle with these watercolors “the most intimate and personal works of his career,” said Malcolm Rogers, th Ann and Graham Gund Director of the MFA. The collection was rendered during his leisurely trips throughout the Mediterranean and the Middle East and focus on his portrayals of Venetian architecture, Bedouin camps, and villa gardens among other subjects. John Singer Sargent Watercolors is on display from October 13, 2013 through January 20, 2014. —Toby Milstein 

Simplon Pass: Reading, John Singer Sargent, 1911.

The Cashmere Shawl, 1911.

Bedouins, 1905–1906.

A Tramp, 1904–1906.

Villa di Marlia, Lucca: A Fountain, 1910.

The Bridge of Sighs, 1903–1904.

Santa Maria della Salute, 1904.

Simplon Pass: The Lesson, 1911.

Brook among Rocks, 1900–20.