The McQueen?

Kate Middleton Refuses To Name Her Favorite Piece of Clothing

Carl Court/AFP/Getty

Ever the diplomat, Kate Middleton has refused to name her favorite piece of clothing when asked to do so by a 12-year-old Irish school girl for a school project, saying it was impossible to choose one piece over another.

Still, Molly Parmeter couldn't believe it when a thick embossed letter from Saint James's Palace arrived on her doormat.

Molly had written a letter to the princess asking her to describe her favourite item of clothing.

Molly was writing a fashion book for a school project entitled Molly's Style Icon's.

"It was a beautiful envelope from Buckingham Palace," Molly told the Irish Independent. "But we laughed because Michael Flatley's envelope was actually a lot nicer. Michael's envelope was lined with a gold leaf and it said Castle Hyde in gold also."