Miley Cyrus, Madonna & the Week in Celebrity Selfies (PHOTOS)

Nicki Minaj rocks a camel toe, Madonna is a middle-aged mom you don’t want to mess with, and more selfies celeb’s tweeted this week.

via Instagram/Twitter

via Instagram/Twitter

Nicki Minaj rocks a camel toe, Madonna is a middle-aged mom you don’t want to mess with, and more selfies celeb’s tweeted this week.


Miley Cyrus

Portrait of a Miley Cyrus Twitter pic: stacks of cash, a flipped middle finger, and a guy who looks about twice her age. Even a black and white filter can’t class up this shot, which the former child star herself describes as “TURNT.”



Madonna took a break from her busy schedule to snap this serious leather-clad selfie in Berlin. The 55-year-old legend doesn’t seem to be in danger of taking up knitting or starting a book club any time soon—she was in Deutschland to open a new branch of her gym, Hard Candy Fitness Club.


Nicki Minaj

This selfie takes self-love to a whole new level. Snapping an un-apologetic camel toe selfie with a phone that has her own photo on the case, Nicki Minaj proves once and for all that stars are not just like us.


Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga never misses an opportunity for a selfie. The singer snapped this kooky airplane gem on a flight this Wednesday. With her puffy bouffant and multi-layered outfit, Gaga isn’t exactly sporting her most TSA-friendly look. 


Jimmy Fallon

Humble star Jimmy Fallon doesn’t need much to put a smile on his selfie. The television host took to Instagram to share his satisfaction with a Cuban sandwich he ate in Tampa. Fallon exclaimed, “It’s awesome!!” Mazel Tov, Jimmy!


Geraldo Rivera

In this promotional tweet for his Fox News show, Geraldo Rivera poses like a Grandpa who finally learned to work both his computer AND his iPhone. You go, Geraldo!


Hulk Hogan

Apparently, Hulk Hogan’s sense of humor is even more terrifying than his mega-jacked bod. Hogan tweeted this pic on Wednesday, along with a “joke”: “Can’t decide which animal print to wear today, sorry Pebbles my new Jordan’s win brother.” @ PETA, anyone?



Ian Somerhalder

The awkward moment when Ian Somerhalder pours a goblet of wine, throws on his trademark sexy smirk, stares deeply into your eyes…and then dedicates this sultry selfie to environmentalist Bill McKibben. Congratulations to McKibben on his 2013 EMA award, and better luck next time ladies.



Rihanna writhed around poolside for this glamorous vacation Instagram. After scrolling through all the hot bikini shots Riri Instagrammed this week, fans will want to jump into that crystalline pool to cool off.


Carson Daly

Clearly, no one told Carson Daly that Halloween is just an excuse to wear a sexy outfit and pop on a pair of animal ears. Daly took the opposite route, hiring a team of professionals to execute a total transformation. Daly goes high drama in this pre-Halloween selfie, rocking an intense gaze and a faded focus filter.


Kathy Griffin

It feels like Kathy Griffin had one Pic Stitch to prove to her Instagram followers that red heads really do have more fun. The bold comedian advertised the iTunes release of Kathy with this compilation of her favorite moments from the series.


Zach Braff

Apparently the government shutdown has afforded our commander-in-chief some free time to make new friends and pose for more twit pics (two goals that should definitely be topping our national agenda). With this brag-worthy shot, Zach Braff gets to hang out with the president and show all his Twitter followers who’s boss.


Snoop Dogg

In this seamless product placement, Snoop Dogg Instagrams himself indulging in his favorite hobby, while simultaneously advertising his custom line of vaporizers. The rapper and recently converted Rastafarian rocks white gloves and cheap purple shades with the confidence of a man who can truly combine business and pleasure. Plus, we’re pretty sure the ingenious Snoop knows that his custom line of smoking merchandise will dramatically increase Hot Pocket consumption worldwide.