Morsi Out, Egypt Erupts (PHOTOS)

With President Mohamed Morsi gone, the Egyptian street exploded in celebration--and more protest.

Suhaib Salem/Reuters

Suhaib Salem/Reuters

After weeks of protests, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi was ousted by the military after failing to heed an ultimatum calling for reconciliation with his political opponents. Demonstrators in Tahrir Square in Cairo react on July 3 after the armed forces suspended the constitution and appointed the chief of the constitutional court as the interim head of state.

Nariman El-Mofty/AP

Fireworks light the sky moments after Egypt's military chief announced that Morsi had been replaced.


Amr Nabil/AP

Morsi opponents celebrate his ouster by lighting flares and waving national flags. At the same time, the military was deploying troops and armor to lock down the city and protect key government facilities.

Ed Giles/Getty

Egyptian opposition protesters take part in a demonstration at the presidential palace as the military's deadline for a resolution approaches. The unrest across the country lead to at least 23 deaths in Cairo and more than 200 injuries.


Hamada Elrasam/AFP/Getty

Morsi supporters beat a member of the opposition during a July 3 rally in the northern port city of Damietta.


Gianluigi Guercia/AFP/Getty

Egyptian protesters calling for Morsi to step down gather in Tahrir Square on July 3. Morsi and his top aides denounced the ultimatum, calling it a "military coup." They argued that the president should not resign because he was fairly and transparently elected. 

Hamada Elrasam/AP

An opposition protester in Damietta holds a chair and knife during a clash with Morsi supporters on July 3.  

Manu Brabo/AP

A member of the Egyptian police special forces stands guard beside an armored vehicle. He is protecting a bridge between Tahrir Square and Cairo University, where Muslim Brotherhood supporters began gathering.

Khaled Kamel/AFP/Getty

Egyptian soldiers hold back protesters to stem the violence between Morsi supporters and opponents near Cairo University on July 3. The army deployed dozens of armored vehicles near where Morsi supporters were gathered.


Spencer Platt/Getty

As the military's deadline passed, thousands of Egyptian protesters celebrated in Tahrir Square. Morsi gave a defiant speech the night before, vowing to stay in power as Egypt's legitimate leader.