SCOTUS Refuses to Hear Mystery Company’s Mueller Subpoena Fight

The Supreme Court has refused to hear a bid by a mystery company owned by a foreign government that aimed to contest a grand jury subpoena related to the Mueller investigation, Reuters reports. The company had asked the justices to hear an appeal against a lower court ruling from December that upheld a previous contempt ruling for refusing to fulfill a request for documents made in the subpoena. The case has remained a mystery because the Supreme Court and lower courts have declined to identify the company, which foreign government owns it, or reveal why the subpoena was issued. The company has claimed that it was being treated as a witness, not a suspect, in the special counsel’s probe. It’s known to have a U.S. office but the company has claimed it has no relevant documents in the country. In a previous ruling, a federal judge imposed a fine of $50,000 a day against the firm. The justices’ action from Monday doesn’t force the company to comply with the grand jury subpoena.