Naked Professions

Psychology student Sarah White now offers nude therapy sessions in New York. From topless hairdressers to bare baristas, view photos and video of career paths for the nakedly ambitious.

Julia Xanthos, NY Daily News / Getty Images,New York Daily News

Julia Xanthos, NY Daily News / Getty Images

Naked Therapist

It’s one thing to expose your problems in therapy, it’s quite another to do it while the therapist is nude. Twenty-four-year-old psychology student Sarah White became a media sensation last week when The Daily reported on her unusual psychoanalytic method—naked therapy. Sessions with White start at $150 for a one-hour webcam chat and escalate five-fold for an in-person appointment. And while White may disrobe during therapy, she is quick to point out, “It’s not like I’m having relationships with any of my patients.”

Naked Yoga Instructor

Doing yoga every week may help you look better naked, but could you imagine practicing it with your asana hanging out? In the past few years, nude yoga classes have caught on around the world, as studios try to find innovative ways to differentiate themselves. At Naked Yoga NYC, Isis Phoenix has been teaching nude co-ed classes since 2007, while Chicago’s Per Erez (who has taught Oprah yoga) offers men-only sessions at Bare Essentials. "The first 10 minutes of class, for anyone who is new, there's always a sense of trepidation," Phoenix says of her sessions. "It dissolves very quickly."

Naked Housecleaner

Cleaning a house can be dirty work so Cherie Spisak of Chesapeake, Virginia, started doing it in the nude to avoid getting bleach on her clothes. Spisak’s method caught the attention of Oprah’s producers who filmed her in action. “I think my family is very proud of me that I can stand up and express that this is normal and we shouldn't be ashamed of being nude or what we do in our own home,” says Spisak. “It doesn't harm anyone else. It puts a smile on our face.” While Spisak doesn’t do it professionally, many cities have companies that offer such an option. Odd’z & En’z Janitorial Service in Omaha, Nebraska, for instance, charges $300 for nude house cleaning. It’s only $85 if you want the housekeeper to stay dressed.

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Topless Hairdressers

Hot Cuts hair salon in Sydney, Australia, gives new meaning to the phrase, “take a little off the top.” Owner Wojtek Wasilewski got the idea to combine a haircut with a gentleman’s club, but it took him 18 months to find four stylists who were willing to work semi-naked. A shampoo, cut, and 20-minute head massage runs $100, and Wasilewski says, “business is booming.” Naturally.

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Naked Carpenter

You either have to be a very brave man or very foolish one to hammer something while naked—let alone saw. In 2005, carpenter Percy Honniball of Oakland, California, was arrested for indecent exposure when a Berkeley client returned home and found him building bookshelves in the buff. Honniball explained to police that he had gotten undressed because he didn’t want to get his clothes dirty while doing electrical work below the house. He also claimed he had better range of motion when working naked. Though a judge ultimately acquitted Honniball, he admitted, "In certain situations such as demolitions where you are smashing rock you want to be clothed and protected.”

Bare Baristas

In 2009, when Cheryl Clark opened her Dream Girls Espresso bar in Yakima, Washington, coffee wasn’t the only thing she planned to serve hot. Clark put her baristas in sequined bikinis and thongs, and a successful business was born. Dream Girls’ business was so good in fact that several so-called sexpresso stands opened up in Washington state. But in 2010, Dream Girls went a little too far when barista Alyssa Hernandez was accused of wearing a too-tiny G-string and a pair of sheer shorts. Though a jury acquitted the barista, Clark was found guilty of violating the city’s indecent exposure ordinance, and was sentenced to community service and a $1,000 fine.

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Naked Marketing Firm

When onebestway, a design and marketing firm in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, was in a rut a few years ago, they brought in business psychologist David Taylor to shake things up. His plan? Naked Friday, in which employees were encouraged (though not required) to work without clothes. “It was brilliant,” office manager Sam Jackson told The Daily Mail. “Now that we’ve seen each other naked, there are no barriers.” The stunt was even filmed for a TV show called—what else— The Naked Office, and is credited with helping turn around the firm’s fortunes. “It was emotional,” Jackson added, “but we found we were much more able to talk to each other honestly—and have been since.”